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As always....we try to get you as much information....as quick as we can!  The first round listing and photos generally do not contain every item available.  We try to just give you some highlights of what is going to be available.  As we work the sale, we will update the website and add items to the listing and additional photos.


Saturday, August 8th
9:00 AM
Contents of Jerry's Place Automotive
3001 Seymour RD.

Complete inventory of automotive shop with over 40 years of accumulation.  

A very brief first round listing includes:

Chev small block w/double hump heads

Chev 6 cylinder block, cranks

V8 Head converted to 6 cylinder

Chev V8 Small block 350 2 bolt main

Engine Stands, Jack Stands,

Parts Washer, Lincoln Arc Welder

Specialty Tools, Aluminum Water Pump for Drag Motor

Gaskets, Micrometers, Spray Guns, Vise,

Magnaroom,  Pop Up Pistons, Body Working Tools,

Lots of Snap-On, Craftsman and Proto tools,

Air Tools, Grinder, Headers, Porta Power,

Grease Bucket, Service Manuals, Chain Hoists, 

Headache Racks, NOS parts/supplies,

Nitros Parts/Pieces, Gear Drives, Electronic Ignition,

Tap and Dye Sets, Dewalt Sawzall, Brainmaster All Test,

Ladders, License Plates, Dealer Plates,

Snap On Tool Chests on Wheels, Simplex School Clock,

Freon Gauges, Rotary Airless Paint Gun,

Logo Stickers and Decals,

Metal Cabinets, Organizers,  Vintage Typewriters,

click here for photos


 Labor Day Monday,
September 7th

Real Estate and Contents
Details coming soon!!!



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